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Cloonahee Petition Extract

The Humble Memorial of the undernamed.

The tenantry of Thomas Conroy esq


We the under named having each of us tickets signed by your Honourable Chairman and two other gentlemen of your Committee beg leave most humbly and respectfully to say that we are this fortnight without employment. When we go to Mr Barton he would tell us apply to Mr Warnoch, and when we go to Mr Warnoch he sends us back to Mr Barton. In speaking to Mr Barton today he says he must break 100 men more out of the Work, and thus we have no hope of relief from him – and what must we do.

Our families are really and truly suffering in our presence and we cannot much longer withstand their cries for food. We have no food for them, our potatoes are rotten and we have no grain.