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Archivist Nancy Malllett & Shannon Quigley read from John Young’s diary about John’s 1847 arrival in Canada

Celtic style music playing. Interior of yellowing map of Atlantic Ocean with camera panning right. Shot dissolves and new shot of woman wearing glasses and yellow top and sweater, with a silver broach, seated in white armchair with brown floral pattern speaking to camera. Coffee table with light switched on, small statue, phone, teapot and cups to her right. On screen text: Nancy Mallett. Archivist and Curator, the Cathedral Church of St. James.

Well, they’d been at sea for a number of weeks, and finally they’d reached land. And great excitement and some of the people had gone ashore.

Interior shot of younger woman with long dark hair, dark top, looking down and reading from diary which is off screen. Three framed paintings in background. On screen text: Shannon Quigley. Nancy Mallett’s Great Niece.

The captain took a trip on his gig to the island. They brought way as trophies some flowers which were in great request on board after so long a voyage. While we lay at anchor two boats came alongside with some provisions, and speedily got them disposed of: they consisting of butter for which they charged one pound, eggs, a dozen, and some fresh and dried fish. We got some eggs, butter, and one loaf. It was black, but we relished it very much after our hard biscuit. We had quite a feast today!

Interior shot of Nancy Mallett reading from diary, her finger tracing the passage as she speaks.

A schooner, a passenger schooner came along, the “Jessie” of Limerick, and to which they spoke. It had been out 35 days. And then they spoke also with the brig from which we learned that there had been a great mortality among emigrants this season.

Interior shot of Shannon Quigley reading from off screen diary.

Some ships about half of them died, and the quarantine station is so bad, they are dying every day. We had been fortunate both in health and speed, for some had taken 8 or 9 weeks upon the road. This news is alarming to some of us lest we be put among the infected at the quarantine station. We are all thankful that we have all come safe so far.

Interior shot of Nancy Mallett speaking to camera.

Now that was the first they’d heard of it. Interesting isn’t it that they had no idea. I mean news travels… communication these days in comparison. Yeah.

Final image of water with onscreen Ireland Park Foundation logo. Celtic style music playing.