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Death of Dr. Grasett

In a portion of our last week’s impression we announced the death of this amiable and highly respected gentleman. It occurred on Friday morning, about seven o’clock, in the house of his brother, the Rector of St. James’s Church, and adds another item to the sad catalogue of those who have fallen under the pestilence with which God has been pleased to visit us.

It is not unusual for us to dwell at any length upon the decease of individuals in private life, but Dr. Grasett can hardly come under this category. During his short residence in our city, he acquired for himself a high and well-deserved reputation, by his unwearied and disinterested labours among the poor and destitute, – among those who had nothing to give in return for his offices of love, save the tears and prayers of affectionate gratitude. At a season like the present, the loss of this lamented gentleman must be deeply felt by many, who, in addition to the evils of poverty, have to struggle against the virulence of a ghastly epidemic.

One consolation remains to the bereaved relatives of Dr. Grasett, but that is the choicest and the best. He was, in the widest sense of the word, a Christian: and, both in private and public life, manifestly proved that he lived daily under the influence of the Gospel which he professed to believe.