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Kingston General Hospital Famine Irish plaque marking the site of the mass grave where up to 1,400 emigrants were buried. In 1966, many of their remains were reinterred in St. Mary’s Cemetery.



In 1847 and 1848 thissite became the largest of

the city's mass graves formore than 1.400 Irish

immigrantswhodied in feversheds adjacent to

KingstonGeneral Hospital and Emily St.

after fleeing "The Great Hunger" in Ireland.

This plaque commemorates them

and the selfless care givers whodied nursing them.

In 1966, many remains from this site werere-interred

beneath theAngel of Mercy in St.Mary's Cemetery.

Others discovered in 1990 now restin Cataraqui

Cemetery. In 1998, a Celtic Monument honouring all

who died was raised in"An Gorta Mor”Park.

Erected by the Kingston Irish Famine Commemoration Association,

with the support ofKingston General Hospital in 1999.