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Toronto Church [undated]

An excellent and important letter from the zealous and devoted man, Mr. De Vere, appears in the last number of the British Canadian. It was our intention to have inserted this useful document, accompanied by a few comments of our own, but want of space this week has unfortunately hindered our doing so. The emigration during the approaching season will be very different – we have reason to believe – from the almost uninterrupted tide of disease and pauperism with which our Province was inundated last year. There will, no doubt, be cases of severe, and, perhaps, infectious sickness, but no repetition, we trust, of the former extensive wretchedness, -- no second pouring in upon us of a helpless plague stricken population. There is a better prospect of greater honesty and humanity in landlords, mercy and tenderness in ship-owners, and considerate legislation on the part of the Imperial Government.